Light Connection Intentions:

The power of unconditional love is the strongest. There are many many people on the planet who represent love and try to live it as best they can. These people may use different terminology and have different belief systems. These are like the different languages we speak, but the message is the same for many of us. Love is the most important thing, and the shared belief in the basic goodness in all of us. It is through the love and caring and basic kindness toward one another that each of us can make a different. All the things that seem to be small add up
To share information that may help others with their spiritual growth and development. The process of allowing ourselves freedom to be who we really are usually follows a deep process of self exploration and discovery. This process involves moving out of ‘self’ and the illusion of separateness, and into the energies of unconditional love where we are all whole, equal beings. This is the freedom, the love, the place of being we’ve all been seeking, through one form or another in many lives. It can only be found within….and within is where we see many changes, along with challenge, as we walk the pathways of becoming whole.
To share as we learn to live our light, to anchor the energy of Unconditional Love on Earth, and through that process heal ourselves and the planet.
To build and strengthen the gridwork of light of the planet through the connections made between people and positive information.
To spread understanding that inside, we are all the same. We all have problems and challenges. To spread awareness of tools we can use to help us through those challenges.

About Light is a project inspired by The Teachers of The Universal Mind and created by Jo Amidon. It began as a website in 1998 with 3 or 4 pages and has grown greatly since then.

Light Connection is intended to share information which is helpful to Light People. Information is being ‘poured’ onto the planet during this time, there are many ‘threads’ of the same messages coming to us all…using different terminology, different perspectives…intended to reach a wide variety of people on Earth.

The intention is share as we all learn to use the abilities and spirit within them, to remember who we really are. Each of us has the capability of communicating with guides, angels, higher self and other levels of self and whatever higher powers we belief in or labels we use. As more of us learn to do this, we become empowered. We begin to ‘feel’ our way through daily events, rather than to approach them logically, defensively, or whatever is our chosen method in this lifetime. We follow spirit, and changes occur in our realities. These small changes will create planetary change.

About The Teachers of The Universal Mind:

I first met and began working with the Teachers in 1993. They are a group soul who exist on an 8th dimensional level of reality. They are composed of many ‘spirits’ who are of like energies, although many different planetary origins and varied perspectives. They no longer are as individual spirit, but are a group energy (much, I’m told by those who have “met” them, like the Seth or Abraham or Kryon energies.) They share a bond as Family of Light also, and work to help us from their point of reality. They have already experienced planetary ascension, on different planets and previous missions of The Family of Light. I ‘met’ them as a result of a spirit communication workshop taught by Dr. Heather Anne Harder which taught a method some might call automatic writing. I later began to ‘hear’ them as I learned to trust myself and them

And More…

I have channeled other energies at different times through the years. I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers in spirit who have worked with me. One thing I have learned, as we grow and learn, the teachers we work with will change as needed. This is for our highest and best good. They do not encourage us to become attached to them, but to become stronger and more empowered in our own being, and our own inner knowledge.

About Jo:

Jo is a conscious channel/spirit communicator, intuitive counselor, teacher, “water witch”, mother, grandmother, author of “Where Are You Really From?” a book on planetary origins , numerous articles and the creator & webmaster of Light Connection website and Pleiadean in origin. (check the planetary origin pages for more on that!). Jo has been communicating with spirit since 1993 and lives in Texas. Jo works with higher self & multidimensional self communication combined with angelic energies during intuitive counseling.