Creating Your Reality     

The Teachers of The Universal Mind through Jo Amidon

All is energy. Every thing that you do, every word that you say carries your energy. The energy that you give out is a result of ‘where you are’ on an inner level. In this Universe, the energy that you give out attracts energy back to you of a similar nature. Your experiences and areas of learning and challenge are a result of the energies that you send, to the Universe; through your actions and interactions. If you are in a negative state of mind, and pessimistic about everything, you will attract experiences which may seem to validate this way of thinking. It may not be an obvious result, it may show up in an area of your life where you have a positive feeling. These ‘links’ are created on an energy level by areas within self which are linked through belief systems, fears, doubts, and old patterns.

This can be worked with in a number of ways as you learn and grow. You can watch these events, begin to get a feel for the energy connections between them and put the ‘pieces’ together to understand these connections. This allows you to go within, view old beliefs, doubts, fears, and patterns which may no longer be needed or useful. You may then begin to change these, and release what is no longer needed. Another way is to choose to begin to consciously shift the energies that you send out, and alter the reality that you create in that way. By making a conscious effort to send out positive energy, you begin to attract positive energy to yourself. In each of these methods, learning from experience is required. It is best to feel what method is best for you, and follow that. Know that as you grow and learn, this may change. Always allow change within yourself.

As you work with creating your reality, you will see and feel change in your daily life. If this includes working with unconditional love, you may notice a feeling of deeper connectedness to all other beings and a deeper level of understanding of self and others. There will still be opportunities to learn and grow, but you will find your ability to flow through them, take the knowledge and release the rest will strengthen. You will find your ability to shift away from negative thoughts, fears and doubts and to a positive state of mind much easier and automatic. When times occur that negative thoughts are present, simply begin to correct them with a positive affirmation. Example: Thought- Life’s not fair. Positive Affirmation- I attract only positive things to my reality. Life is full of beauty and love.

You will notice that working with positive energy and unconditional love in creating your reality will have an effect on those around you. All beings are attracted to those who transmit positive energy and love. Those around you may begin to feel a smooth, loving energy which is very pleasant. They may become more receptive to your ideas, enjoy being around you more, develop more confidence in you. The energy that you send out can be sent through any type of work that you do. If you work in an office, and handle paper each day, energy can be sent through each piece of paper. This can then be absorbed through the energy fields of those who come into physical contact with the paper, even with no conscious awareness or intention on your part or theirs. This occurs with any type of energy you transmit. If you are in a very bad mood, this is also transmitted in the same way! If you work with people, the energies you send out is absorbed directly into their energy fields, if they allow this to occur. It is then used on an energy level, as needed, if it is beneficial energy. If it is not beneficial energy, it may remain in the energy field until clearing is done.

An important part of creating your reality is accepting responsibility. While it is ‘easier’ to blame others for your reality, this gives your personal power away. In accepting your part, and your responsibility in creating your reality, you reclaim your personal power. If your reality includes parts you are unhappy with, look within to find what you need to learn from the situation, what the purpose may be for creating it or attracting it into your reality. Is it an illness? Perhaps you are ready to take responsibility for your health and body. Look at your beliefs in this area. Do you treat your body with love, respect and honor? Do you listen to it’s needs? Do you give it food which is of positive energy? Could it be your body’s way of telling you to slow down, take more time for yourself and your physical needs? If it is a relationship you are unhappy with, look within. What in your belief system or patterns attracted this to you? Perhaps lack of self love and self worth? What do you believe you deserve in the way of treatment from others? If you do not give yourself love and respect, others may tend to follow this pattern. Is it a problem with communication? A part of accepting responsibility for your reality includes accepting responsibility for communicating your needs, feelings and desires to those in your reality. It also includes being willing to really listen and feel when others share with you in this way. Your reality includes all parts of your life. Your responsibility includes all parts of your life. Look at your life, choose areas you would like to alter and begin to work with these tools.

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