On Energy and Thought

Through Jo Amidon 

When a person thinks or says negative statements, criticisms or judgments of another person, this energy is sent to that person. It affects their personal energy and is felt by them, even though they may not be consciously aware of it. When this occurs, an effect within YOUR energy field is created. Imagine this as an energy barrier with small energy prickles going outward from your energy field. This is a protection device, and is created automatically. It is not something you consciously choose to do, or even are aware of.

This barrier relaxes and is in a dormant state until you think of the person again, or are in their presence. At that time, it is reactivated. Depending upon the thoughts and feelings that you react with when this occurs, it can remain at the same level or can become strengthened. This barrier affects interactions with this person. It can create a defensive type energy, tension feelings, emotional reactions, spirit level energy disturbances, regardless of your wish to not focus on those particular feelings you have had in the past, or your desire to move on to other things in your relationship with that person.

How do you heal this? Sending unconditional love to the person when they are thought of, or when you are around them helps the situation and eases the intensity of the barrier. However, this is something created by you, by an inner feeling, judgment, insecurity or limitation, and can only be healed or cleansed by self exploration and inner work. This requires a willingness to look within, be honest and open with yourself.

At any time when a judgment, negative opinion, expectation of another, or criticism is present it is a result of a part of yourself or an inner issue that has need of resolving. Ask for help from guides, higher self, and those you work with in gaining clarity of self understanding. Be open to help when it is given in response to your asking. Be aware that help given may not be exactly what you expected. Often what is needed may differ from what is desired!

You can aid this process by taking time each day to go within and explore your own areas that create limitations. Many of the limitations you create are based on old feelings and reactions to old situations that are no longer relevant or needed. As long as they remain within, they affect the present self, and those around you.

In working within at clearing and releasing inner issues and conflicts which affect your relationships with others, these energy barriers which were previously referred to can be cleared and released. These can only be cleared through self work, it cannot be done for another nor done for you by another. This is an area of responsibility each must assume for themselves, in creating their reality.

We would ask that you all release the past and expectations based upon the past. Work instead with yourselves, your own issues, limitations, beliefs and judgments. For only in this way, can that which all of you are on Earth to accomplish be fulfilled. You have a shared purpose, a shared goal, that of planetary ascension. All of you knew that this would require much from you, much preparation, training, growth, change and releasing of third dimensional training, density, and limitations which have had power over you. You have chosen and been chosen to work together, to aid one another in this adventure. For each of you, your most important responsibility in this phase of this mission is that of self development, inner growth work and preparation. While much aid and assistance is given you, through information, guidance and energy, much remains that can only be done by you, individually.

This type of personal work aids in clearing your personal energy. This creates greater ability to do the remainder of your work. This creates greater clarity in your energy field to allow energy to be channeled through you to the planet and to others around you. This creates greater openness in your energy field to allow you to open to greater knowledge, information and clarity as to what you are to do as ascension approaches. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Your roles in the creation of planetary transformation are of great importance. Those of you who act as light anchors are vital. It cannot happen without the light anchors. The planet needs you, as do all of us who work with this shared goal.

The process of planetary ascension could not be accomplished or created by many physical individuals who were identical. There are a wide variety of roles to be played which require individuality and differences in abilities, tastes, areas of knowledge, and personal energies.

We ask you to love and honor yourselves, who you are, what you are…accept yourself and your unique codings which create these differences and varieties. Then allow yourself freedom to change and grow as needed, in the way most conducive to your highest goals and total well-being. Do this also for those around you. Know that those who work with each of you, higher self, spirit guides, and those on other levels of reality have much greater insight and knowledge.

The Teachers of The Universal Mind

through Jo Amidon  11/14/98