Working With The Planetary Gridwork


  Each individual has a role in creating planetary change. This can be a role of conscious participation, participation on an energy level, or a role as a non-participant.

The planetary gridwork is an energy level gridwork system that has always been a part of Earth. Certain areas of the gridwork system have long been strong. These are energy points or chakras of the planet such as Sedona and Stonehenge. Many are aiding in the process of further defining, strengthening and creating additional points within the gridwork system, which interconnect with one another.

Each person who is on a spiritual pathway, and chooses consciously to work with the energies of light and unconditional love becomes a light anchor. There is no one name for this pathway, no right or wrong set of beliefs which must be followed. Each pathway will be unique and individual. The only requirements are choosing a spiritual pathway; whether this be a set of teachings, spirit guides, inner guidance, angels, or whatever names one is most at ease with. There must then be the intention and follow through of putting positive love energy into ones reality. This would be the most important, regardless of the variations of roles which are possible. Spiritual knowledge, strength of beliefs, or spiritual/psychic ability can be little used as a light anchor if one chooses to put more negative energy than positive into ones reality.

As one works consistently with focusing positive energy or the energy of unconditional love into ones reality, one opens and allows those working with planetary ascension to send energy through them to aid in this process. This energy of unconditional love will be used for that which is most needed at the time of its reception.

As one becomes a stronger light anchor, there may be a shifting of ones physical position to aid in assistance and working with the planetary gridwork. This occurs through a following of spirit guidance, which may lead to physical relocation for some. It may lead to changes in ones reality, such as job changes, relationship changes or additions, or opening new areas of ones abilities.

In assisting the light gridwork, it should be understood that some areas of the planet will need larger numbers of light anchors than others. Some locations will have many strong light anchors, while others will have one or two strong anchors and several less strong. As more people become spiritually motivated, these light anchors become more numerous, and stronger.

Some light anchors may fulfill their role through spiritual development, teaching, work with healing or otherwise using their abilities. Others may fulfill their roles through establishing a reality and lifestyle and consistently putting positive love energy into that reality.

Some light anchors may have a relatively isolated reality, with only a few other light anchors they maintain contact with. Others will have many light anchors around the planet with whom they maintain contact and communication. It is through these contacts and connections that the points of light along the gridwork become interconnected. These connections can be formed through a simple knowing of another light anchor, and a linking of energy through speaking, writing, visiting, or the sending of unconditional love, without an actual physical level of interaction.

Each of you reading this, and other such information sources on the Internet, have the names of individuals within to make these energy connections with, and in doing so, expand your own roles within this gridwork of light. This would be a primary goal behind the creation of Light .

As the light anchors within the gridwork become more numerous and interconnected, the levels of energy sent through the light gridwork to the planet herself increases. Her ability to use this energy to raise her own frequency and state of being become stronger. It is through this process that planetary change will occur.

When the energy field created by the gridwork, the light anchors, and the planet reaches a prearranged level, a planetary shifting will occur. This shifting will see the planet and  those physically upon her, moved to other levels of reality or dimensionality. This is planetary ascension.

The Teachers Of The Universal Mind

Through Jo Amidon  8/98