Higher Self

 The Teachers of The Universal Mind Through Jo Amidon


At a point in the history of creation it became apparent that physical would be a favored form of experience gathering. Prime Creator could see the need for a portion of each spirit to remain constantly connected to his energy. This portion would remain in full possession of knowledge, memory, ability to plan, see ahead, and make decisions based on its level of connectedness.

The primary need for this was based upon the growing realization that going into physical forms and physical realities tended to create a powerful level of realism. It seemed very easy for each spirit to begin to feel, after a short time of adjustment, that they were the physical form–rather than being aware that they only inhabited the physical form but existed much beyond this.

Due to this, a portion of each spirit was taken. From this portion the higher self was created. The higher self was placed in a special area of the astral realm which was created at that time, specifically for this purpose. This area would not interact with other areas, but would be focused on the spirit portions of itself. The higher self would never incarnate physically, would remain always in spirit, in the special area of the astral realm.

Each higher self would be responsible for not only the original spirit from whom it was created, but for each portion and multidimensional aspect which was later created through splitting of energy. There are many responsibilities of the higher self, and many parts of self, for whom higher self is responsible.

The first area of responsibility would be planning of lifetimes. Higher self is responsible for aiding each portion of self in the planning and arranging for each lifetime. This must be planned with awareness of the overall growth, experience and accrual of knowledge for the overall spiritual self, and for the individual growth, development and meeting of needs for each individual spirit portion. Parents, locality, sex, and basic scenarios must be selected for each physical incarnation of each spirit portion.

Due to the widespread splitting of energies, there became a wide range of energies, types of selves, which had different courses of exploration. These courses were chosen for experience, with pathways of development being selected for each to reach a desired point. The current needs for continuation of development for each part of self being worked with and all aspects of it must be considered in planning and decision making. These would include: previous history of physical incarnations, the amount of growth which occurred in each of these, areas in which they would need re-exposure to allow for the grasping of teachings or areas of growth which were not fully grasped in previous exposures.

For each individual spirit portion, the amount of previous lifetime blockages, such as emotional, physical and spiritual areas of blockage or over attachment must also be considered. Issues or areas of conflict which were given much power, attached to, and never released must be considered in the planning of lifetimes. There may be a need to focus on creating situations to force releasing or working through areas of blockage, particularly if these will limit growth and development, or have created limitations of growth in past incarnations, or if completion in these areas would benefit overall development.

After basic lifetime strategies are worked out, the higher self must then work with the individual spirit energy. This can be quite complicated, as there are many degrees of development, understanding and awareness. There are many levels of willingness to work with higher self within the many spirit portions it must oversee. Those portions which have become quite attached to physical are often difficult to work with, as there may be little awareness of spirituality, little memory of spirit and little desire to grow and develop. Due to free will, higher self must honor decisions or wishes of each part of self. Although higher self will present the plans which it has arrived at and feels are best at the specific time, these must be agreed to, and chosen for experience by the individual spirit.

When there is little willingness to listen to or learn from higher self, this must be honored. In this type of situation, the spirit may wish to return quickly to a similar type lifetime, often to the same type situation which was most recently worked with, and with the same beings. When this is chosen, usually against higher self recommendation, these may be difficult lifetimes. These lifetimes result from the lack of willingness to listen to, or use, wisdom in planning the lifetime. In some instances, a spirit may become “stuck” in the repetition of similar patterns or lifetimes for a seemingly endless period. At these times, a point of intervention must be chosen. The point of intervention is usually the creation of a dramatic scenario of an awakening nature. This is an attempt to stir the being into recognition of the forces beyond that which is obvious in physical and aid them in moving beyond old patterns. This is something that is occurring in this time period for many on Earth.

Higher self is responsible for watching the entire lifetime, feeling when a point of completion has been reached, and planning the death experience. In most instances, a death experience is planned which will not only allow learning for the being involved, but also for those who are closely involved, such as family, friends, co workers. For those who have been at a level of awareness during the lifetime planning, a certain type of death experience is often pre-selected by them, or a number of “preferred options.” Events leading to the death experience are worked with, and after the death has occurred, higher self then creates the actual death experience. This term involves the events leading to the physical ‘death’ of the body, and the events that follow until the being has made an adjustment to being in spirit.

The many versions of death experiences which you have all been exposed to through those who have made public their “Near Death Experiences” are examples of what is arranged by the higher self. These are arranged for the individual based upon the needs, beliefs, and ability to accept that which is beyond standard beliefs and knowledge. Due to this they would vary in areas of personal beliefs. Outside the personal variations, the basic details are very similar for all. Those who have strong beliefs in a certain “religious” figure would likely be met by these. If there is a strong belief in angels, these would be present. Higher self will arrange for previous family members, loved ones who are currently in spirit and spiritual guides to be present in each occasion to help with welcoming, and the initial adjustment process.

Those who have much fear and many limiting beliefs or doubts will be gently allowed to maintain beliefs with very mild stretching information being given as readiness allows. Therefore, those who are very well trained in Earth forms of religion would not be immediately informed of the many illusions and levels of control of those beliefs, but instead would be allowed the majority of these beliefs, with gentle slow adjustments made. If there is not a willingness to allow growth and stretching of one beliefs, this is honored.

For those who are at a period of spiritual awareness at the time of “death”, there is a great celebration. There is joy at being reunited with guides, old friends, and higher self. There is an eagerness to learn, to review the lifetime and to begin to plan for future development and growth opportunities. There is a much greater level of enthusiasm, along with a deep involvement in planning each lifetime. There is a desire to work with higher self, and use the knowledge and connection to Prime Creator which is part of higher self, to aid in planning that which is most beneficial on all levels of development. Further information involving the death experience will be given in a lesson on that subject.

During a lifetime, higher self is responsible for guiding through each stage of development. This is done primarily through the use of probable realities. This is a term used to refer to the ability of higher self to create, through the use of a minute portion of the being’s energy, a number of hologramic type scenarios. This would allow a number of different and varying probabilities to be explored to aid higher self in choosing, planning and steering.

Often these explorations of probabilities lead to connections with others who higher self feels will be very beneficial. From this, higher self begins to work with the higher self of the “connection”, if both feel there would be benefit gained, arrangements are begun to create a physical connection, or drawing of the probability into physical reality. At the point when a probability is focused upon, or chosen for development, spiritual guides are drawn into the process, to add their help in leading and steering the physical being in the direction which has been focused upon.

When decisions are made that probabilities are not beneficial, or not to be developed further, the energy being used to create these probabilities is cleared, and refocused into new probabilities. This would be much like the erasing of a chalkboard. As each probability is created from a bit of your individual energy, this allows higher self to view your most likely actions and reactions when placed in these scenarios. This aids higher self in planning and arranging what is needed for each of you to reach areas of development and focus which you had planned for the lifetime. It should be understood, that due to free will, each being has the full power to make decisions and choices other than those which higher self chooses. There is also free will to chose to disregard guidance and steering attempts. Should this occur, higher self would then be forced to work within the decisions and choices made by the physical being, but may choose to attempt again to work into the planned for situations after a period. Probable realities will be further explained at the appropriate time, during another lesson.

To the higher self, each bit of self is regarded as a much loved part of the total self. Just as each of you love your children, and attempt to create what you feel is best for them, it may at times be frustrating when lack of attention or respect is given for the knowledge and guidance which is attempted through love. Just as you must allow your children to grow and learn through their own choices and decisions, even if you do not agree with these, so higher self allows each portion to grow and learn. Each of you would be regarded somewhat in this way by higher self, as a loved portion of itself who must be gently guided and aided when possible but allowed the freedom to grow and learn independently.

Due to the high level of responsibility, and importance of making decisions with purity and knowledge, higher self does not become emotionally involved or attached to any portion of physical self. The love involved would be purely unconditional, spiritual love of the highest kind. This would allow for the need to make decisions for the benefit of each portion of self which will not be understood, or appreciated in many instances. Much of what is often interpreted by physical self as bad luck, good luck, accidents, or “the cruel world” is in truth attempts by higher self to create needed focus and growth, to teach or steer in certain directions.

It is good for each of you to communicate with higher self, as you do guides. It is good to be open to probabilities, as with openness comes a greater likelihood of higher self being able to share these probabilities with you on a conscious level. This would allow you to help with planning and choosing while still in physical. This may occur through dreams, meditation, spontaneous visual sharing, spirit or astral travel or a number of other ways. As you develop spiritually, the likelihood of working with higher self in this way increases. This allows you to become more aware of possible changes, and shiftings in your reality. As you do so, you become more aware of your ability to make these choices for yourself and work with higher self and guides to create a balance of the reality you desire for yourself and that which is best for growth and development. At the point where each of you will likely be, as planetary ascension nears, you will find that what you yourself wish to create and experience will be much closer to what higher self feels is best for you. This closeness becomes stronger with each layer of releasing, each bit of moving beyond limitations and into personal power.

It is this which we wish for each of you, and attempt to share the importance of and need for. We leave you with this information for consideration. We surround you with unconditional love and light, and ask for you each to begin to be a bit more aware of higher self work and involvement, and perhaps a bit more willing to work with higher self in these areas.


We are the Teachers of the Universal Mind

Through Jo Amidon

©  2/4/1995