Making Things Work In Spiritual Relationships

An important factor in any relationship is the energy exchange between the individuals. Those in the process of developing spiritually will find relationships to be a primary area of work. In physical reality, interaction with others is a focus point for development.

In situations where groups, a couple or a family desire to work as a unit and aid one another in their development there are areas where we recommend focus. The primary would be heart and throat chakra connections. This is the foundation of unconditional love, energized by communication.

This requires leaving behind many old patterns and limiting beliefs. There can be no role playing. You must be who you are. Not one person in the relationship, but all of you, must be who you are. Learning to create relationships of this nature includes many new areas for growth.

There must be heart chakra connections and exchanges of energy. This is an energy of “I love you for who you are. I accept who you are and encourage all that supports your growth to all you will become.” There is a desire and feeling of this, underlying all other interactions within such a relationship. At the same time, there is also energy of ” I love myself for who I am, and who I will become. I will do all that I can to meet the needs within myself to allow that. I will explore the depths of my being and transform to become all that I will be.”

There is mutual agreement to support and assist one another in the processes of growth. This means listening, caring, giving support in whatever areas of need you are aware of. This means taking responsibility for making your needs known. There must be an ability to share joy, happiness and laughter, to exchange much unconditional love energy. This must be balanced with sharing and support during growth experiences, challenges and releasing.

To maintain such a relationship, throat chakra energy is vital. This means communication. Blockages in the communication or throat chakra energy connections mean a block to the energy flow of the heart chakra. There must be willingness to discuss little or big issues, problems, areas of need that are not being met. There must be a willingness to work with finding methods of creating a shared reality which works for all involved.

This requires balancing needs. Caring about your own and the others needs enough to be willing to each look at areas within which may need shifting. This could mean allowing each to explore and develop interests and abilities that the other may not be involved in. A misconception of third dimensional reality is that in a relationship, things must be done together. This can create energy blockages or negative energy flow if it is taken as a rule. If you participate in an activity you do not enjoy or with to be a part of, consistently, you give it less than unconditional love. It is important to be open to new areas of interest and activity, but if these are not shared areas of joy, after exploration it is best to honor differences in needs. Allow each individual freedom to follow their needs, while fulfilling your own needs in other manners. This maintains a positive energy flow, if it is done with love and appreciation for one another rather than resentment at differences.

It is important to have shared interests and activities. These can be many and varied. The most important is the shared commitment to maintaining the relationship. Elements of joy are essential, whether these are found in third dimensional activities and hobbies, spiritual pursuits, energy work, gardening, games, sexuality, music, animal friends, parenting or any shared area of reality between individuals. The greater the number of these, are the larger areas of shared reality within relationships. These must be areas into which all involved can channel energies of unconditional love. Anything that you do can be a channeling activity for unconditional love, if you are in a happy, positive place while doing it.

Working as a unit spiritually means understanding and being clear about what the relationship is, what expectations and needs are for the individuals, and areas of unbalance for each as they arise. Many areas of unbalance will arise on an individual level. These must be felt, looked at openly and honestly by the person, and brought forth for shared discussion if needed. Some of these may be dealt with individually, others may need assistance and support from others in the relationship.

These areas must be dealt with. If they are allowed to remain, they may become an area of blockage. If not dealt with, they tend to stack themselves within ones energy field until a level of pressure is reached. Then they must be expressed in some way. For some this is anger, for some passive aggressive behavior, for some emotional outbursts or crying. Some may simply withdrawn increasingly from the relationship. This blocks the flow of unconditional love within the relationship, although it may be activated for short periods.

You are each responsible for maintaining your inner level of things stacking up. No one else can see them, although they are felt within the relationship. Within a relationship such as a group or family, if this stacking up occurs for all involved the energy flow becomes very unbalanced. It may not create the nurturing, loving, support environment that is needed within such a unit.

In discussing the areas stacked up it is important to do so with an intention and understanding that the desire is to benefit the relationship. Most often what is needed is a better understanding of one another, a greater willingness to share and be open, a deeper level of connection. It is deeply important to be willing to release your old patterns and issues based in past. It is important to be aware that old patterns may cloak themselves within the spiritual growth you have achieved. Should you find yourself, when dealing with things which have stacked up, thinking that you are reacting in a more spiritual manner, being more loving or some such label, it is a definite sign that there is something you are not seeing in the situation. Often this signals a desire to control a relationship through spirituality, most often not on a conscious level. The focus to be maintained and worked toward is one of unconditional love. Unconditional love does not see either as being better, more deserving, more entitled to win when an issue is being discussed. In a state of unconditional love, there is no right or wrong. There is simply a need to create a balance of energies which will benefit all, and allow all involved to have their needs met, and be considered when creating the shared reality.

There may be a point in relationships, where what is best for all involved is to accept and honor that the relationship is no longer beneficial. When this is done in a loving way which allows individuals to go forward in creating their realities, it can be a positive and loving experience. Creating relationships within your reality which aid you in maintaining your needed state of balance, or being centered or connection is an important part of creating your reality.

In love relationships, a commitment to knowing one another is vital. This does not simply mean knowing the daily habits and patterns of a person. It means opening and sharing many parts of yourself with one another. From sharing the parts of self that helped to create who you are now, to sharing spiritual beliefs and needs, insights, growth processes and challenges, and sharing the sexual parts of self, all are important.

It is good to remember that during the growth process, challenges and areas to be worked with will arise. Those in your reality serve as teachers, or mirrors for you in these processes. Often, issues or problems that arise are signs for you to look within, at areas of self that need releasing or patterns that no longer serve in a positive way. It is important when these things arise to approach them from a learning point of view, and honor them for their roles in aiding you in your development.

The Teachers of The Universal Mind

Through Jo Amidon  11/20/98