When speaking of relationships, we mean any person with whom you have frequent or continuing interactions. Throughout your life, your energy is connected with others through your interactions. Length or duration of a relationship does not create a stronger energy bond. The strength or ‘intensity’ of an energy bond is created by the amount and types of energy you put into that bond. Due to this, some relationships may have ended long ago, but have a ‘stronger intensity’ than current or ongoing relationships.

The relationships that you choose to put most of your energy into at this time are likely the relationships that you will continue after ascension occurs. This could be an actual physical relationship with the individual, or a recreation of whatever issues or areas of ‘work’ you have with the individual, with others playing the roles for you. With this in mind, it is important to look at your relationships, and choose those you intend to carry with you.

The type of energy that your relationships create within is also an area for consideration. Whether the energy put into a relationship is positive or negative, those that consume large amounts of energy are likely to be ‘carried’ over in some form.

Energy upon the planet is strongly focused in bringing to awareness areas that have large amounts of intensity, or high attachment on an emotional level. Many of these are brought to your attention for decision making. Is this something you wish to keep as a part of your reality, and a part of who you are? Decisions of this nature are free will decisions. There are no right or wrong decisions, it is all up to you.

In working with past relationships that maintain high emotional attachment, it is best to work with teachings previously given on using unconditional love. It is good to recognize that most old attachments are to past versions of self and others that are no longer valid. Each piece of your past aids in the creation of who you are now. However, once an experience has been assimilated, and the growth and knowledge fully used from it, there is no reason to make it a focus of energy. Focusing energy on the past has an effect of tying you to the past on an energetic level, and preventing growth and development in areas of self that are affected by that ‘past attachment’.

              Change in Relationships                         

  When growth is occurring, people change. This is a side effect of growth. By allowing and being open to change, you allow growth to occur more freely. In following guidance toward growth, a willingness to allow growth and change within whatever part of you has need of it is a positive intention. However, it may create inner and outer changes which the person may not fully understand. By choosing to allow growth, rather than attempting to analyze and understand each phase of growth, it can continue with greater fluidity and ease.

There is commonly resistance to change, when one feels themselves changing and wishes to hold onto that which was previously known and safe. While this can occur within the person experiencing it, it can also occur in those around them as changes are seen and made evident through daily life. The resistance of those around you to your change and growth can, if given power, slow or limit the growth process.

Some may handle this resistance in others to their change and growth by giving that person power, and halting growth to create an ease to the felt resistance. (This can create a seeming ease in the relationship, but may create resentment at the halt in growth) Some may choose to disassociate from that person during the growth process. (which may give the illusion of distance, but on an energy level the resistance continues and can even be increased) Some may choose to discuss these changes that are occurring. This may be difficult, as there is not truly an understanding within of this process, therefore it is difficult to explain to others.

Often changes in relationships are needed to allow for growth and development in the individuals. What may seem to be a shift that is not initially appreciated, may evolve later into a blessing for both. Small shifts may be necessary to allow room for expansion and growth. These may build and strengthen a relationship in new ways. Communication is the greatest tool for use in maintaining a relationship during the process of growth. Sharing and supporting one another during the growth process can develop new areas within a relationship, if both are willing to do so.

When on a spiritual pathway, many changes and shifts within a relationship will occur for both involved. If the pathway is one which both desire, allowing and supporting one another can create a ‘base’ from which both will develop. In some instances, one person may desire a spiritual pathway and the other may not. In these, if a mutual support system can be maintained, benefit for both will yet be strong. Being supportive and allowing growth, change, and exploration will allow much to unfold.

At times, it may be more beneficial for all involved to choose to end a relationship. When this occurs, it is important to do so with a loving, supportive desire for both to have needs met, and find the pathway that is best for them. Honoring this as a positive move, rather than a ‘problem’ will allow greater fluidity of energies for both, and allow both greater freedom of development as individually needed.

  The Teachers of The Universal Mind

      Through Jo Amidon  11/17/98