Everyone has spirit guides who work with them. They are called by many names: guardian angels, spirit guides, intuition, and inner voices. Those who serve as spirit guides are between physical experiences, and wish to remain in spirit to learn in that manner for a period. There must be a willingness to commit to this role, a desire to serve, learn and grow through helping those who are physical.

When a lifetime is planned there are many arrangements to be made. Guides are chosen before the selection of a body, a life experience, or a location to experience life. The selection of spirit guides is done with the help of the higher self. This is a process that involves “viewing” those who are currently desiring to serve as guides. Often, the focus is on those who have worked with you previously in some way. The next consideration would be the type of guidance that you wish for the next experience.

The level of one’s participation in the process of choosing a guide would vary based upon the level of spiritual development of the being involved. If there is very little awareness, and much attachment to the Earth reality, this selection process would be primarily arranged by the higher self. However, you who are seeking knowledge would be at a level of awareness to participate in this planning and decision making. Therefore, we will focus on the scenario for those who are at a developed state of awareness.

There would be a period of allowing all to “feel” one another, exchange energies, and knowledge of what is desired to be accomplished or worked with by each. This would involve the being preparing for a physical experience, the higher self of the individual, and those spirits who would possibly become spiritual guides for the being. This selection process is done through mutual choice.

All must be equally willing, desiring similar growth, and focused upon like results. During the process of sharing, exchanging, and knowing one another, there would be a number who would feel that this would not be what they need at that point in their development. Therefore, mutual selections would be made.
Commonly, two guides are chosen, although this can vary.  These are normally balancing energies which allows them to work well together. They have individual areas of expertise, and meet various needs of the being who will be physical. In Earth terms this is often interpreted as  “female” and “male” energies  due to the balance of energies which is felt by those in physical.

After the selection of guides, there is a period of mutual information sharing.  There is planning through joining energies and exploration of many probabilities. Higher Self would be responsible for much of this, with sharing the most beneficial probabilities with the being who will choose the experience, and the guides. This would aid much in the decision making process.

Often, a lifetime is chosen specifically to work with the “parents” due to previous relationships, other times the experiences most likely to occur in a life scenario would be more important. After these decisions are made, there is a primary selection and a secondary selection. Availability of a physical body would be the next deciding factor. At the time of conception, final selection is made on a spirit level.  While it is most rewarding in growth to follow guidance of higher self and guides in this decision making process, it is not necessary. Often free will choices are made which do not follow higher self advice. This may result in a lifetime which due to lack of planning, may lead to many situations which are not desired, and does not meet needs of the being.

Those who are chosen as guides are bound through agreement to remain with you through the entire lifetime. They work in a specific area of the astral realm which was created to aid in communication with the physical being, higher self, and other guides. There is an energy connection between each guide and the physical being. This is always present between them. It is only necessary to open to the connecting energy line to allow communication. It is never truly closed, but focus is lessened, to allow for an element of privacy. Through this connection, communication can be established by either the physical being or the guide.

It is good to be aware that your guides are always with you. They are to steer, aid in protection, give advice, share information, and follow the plan that you had arranged for yourself before the lifetime. They are bound to follow prearranged agreements, and combine this with honoring free will choices and decisions that are made during the lifetime. Guides work with higher self. They aid higher self in steering you toward chosen probabilities, creating awareness of probable realities, and sharing with higher self as to your daily needs and developments. Guides must honor decisions made by the higher self, and work within these.

At no time during development do guides leave, or change. However, due to free will choices made during the lifetime there may be periods when less interaction is desired and communication with guides is little used. There are also instances during a lifetime, when one may seek to attract other beings to work with them, feeling that perhaps guides are not what they want to work with. In situations where communication with other beings is sought, a wide variety of beings are eagerly awaiting this opportunity. In these instances, discernment is very important, as many growth opportunities arise from this scenario.

Due to the many variations possible when working as a spirit guide, and for their own growth, development, and knowledge accrual, guides commonly serve as guides for a number of physical beings simultaneously. This is beneficial for their growth, and allows the knowledge gained from experience in one situation to be used in another.

In many situations, a number of the physical beings being served, have little focus on spirituality while a small number would be very focused upon learning and growing while in physical. This allows for fuller usage of the entire energy of the spiritual guide, rather than simply focusing on one individual situation.  Know at all times that your guides are those you yourself have chosen as most capable of meeting your needs in this lifetime, and most capable of aiding you in reaching your desired level of development.

It is important to develop and continually communicate with guides on a daily basis. Know that this ability will grow and develop in many ways as your levels of confidence and trust in your ability to communicate grows. It is good to realize that each of you have planned the type of guidance you wish to be given in this lifetime, based upon what you desire to learn, focus on and what you felt was most needed to develop. Some of you have arranged for guides to be very vocal, very strong in communication and impact. Others have planned to focus upon a more visual type of communication and guidance to assure the focus on visual perception and development. Others may ask guides to be an inner quiet thought, a physical sensation or an outer “sign” of confirmation. There are many ways to communicate, just as there are many languages. Over many lifetimes, you have each developed a number of these. One has been selected as a primary method for this time period, although adding to these through growth is always possible and encouraged.

the Teachers of The Universal Mind

through Jo Amidon