The Light Anchor Project   

Please  post your location on our  map, if you are participating in the Light Anchor Project or if you are anchoring Light and Unconditional Love in your own way !!  

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Thanks! Jo 


The Light Anchor Project Is People  around the planet, who unite in focus and energy to bring Unconditional Love to the planet. 

Each day,  we focus on:             

1) Sending unconditional love to the planet.
2) Sending unconditional love to the planetary gridwork and all of us who live  here.

We do this by anchoring the energy of Unconditional Love through us, and anchoring to the planetary gridwork. 

For years, we used Thursdays as a focus point. This has changed, as I realize more and more that the importance is in doing what we do, through all the moments we can. And in holding the energy of Unconditional Love through all the things that we each do through our daily lives. This also helps us to become more of who we truly are and attract the experiences we need to attract for our own personal growth, and the spiritual path we are here to follow. I‘ve also realized more and more through the years since the Light Anchor Project was begun in 1998, that our illusion of time/space is just that. An illusion. Sharing the same focus is more important than trying to co-ordinate times which work for us all to connect. (Though it is very special and powerful when we can work that out!) 

                               What is the gridwork?  

There are a lot of different explanations out there and this is a widely used term these days. (2005) The simplest is this, I think. Visualize each person on the planet as a point of light. The greater the person intends to hold the energy of love or/and light, the brighter that point becomes. So many of us do this without even being aware of it. Every kind thought or action, every smile adds to your own personal light. If you also visualize the little points of lights around the planet (all the people who are ‘lit up’) that is the gridwork. Even when we’re not lit up, we’re all connected. This is one reason why helping another person, or even making someone smile when they aren’t smiling, makes us feel good  inside. Make a habit of smiling at yourself in the mirror, when ever you pass one. You’ll feel happier if you smile back at yourself too !   

I like this image to visualize the Gridwork!

 Anyone who is drawn to join energies with us, we invite to do so. The Light Anchor Project is focused on stepping beyond illusions of time.  Simply link energies with us or any ‘time’ and know that the planet and all of us will receive it as unified love energy. The power of intention is greater than the illusion of time! We also trust that powers greater than ourselves, God or whatever name feels best to you, knows where it is most needed and in what way. With that in mind, we are all helped when we need it! If you have a specific energy request or would like to share related information, feel free to connect with me on facebook.