Planetary Origin:

The Blueprint of Your Soul

by Jo Amidon

(Updated December 31, 2005)

Of all the channeled information I have received, some of the most helpful in self-understanding has been planetary origin. Although we live on Earth, many of us originated on other planets, in other parts of the Universe. This is why many of us feel ‘out of place’ or like we belong somewhere else. This is why many look at the stars at night, and long to ‘go home’ without knowing where that home is. Many have problems with accepting, or believing standard Earth teachings, knowing that there’s more to life, but not knowing what.

There were twelve original groups of planets, or star systems, which were created for spirits to go ‘into’ for physical experiences. Each of these twelve groups of planets were created by groups of spirits (group-souls) or Creator Gods, under the direction of the God Force, or Prime Creator. Therefore these spirit creators were of like energies and like frequency. Although you may have had lives on many planets, and many different realities, the first planet on which you were physical leaves a lasting impression upon your spirit. This is your planetary origin.

Much can be learned about one from determining the planetary origin of the spirit essence within. Understanding the qualities that manifest on Earth by those of various planetary origins can be very useful in understanding yourself and others. Relationships can be understood more thoroughly when you understand the various energies and personality types that manifest on the Earth plane of reality. By understanding the energy you bring to this reality, you can begin to understand yourself and others, reactions and emotional responses, and use this as a tool to work together, improve communications and manners of relating instead of attempting to change or control yourself or others.

Planetary origin has nothing to do with astrology, date or place of birth, age, sex, or anything else. It is solely based upon your history of incarnation as a spirit. While other Earth tools, such as Astrology, and Numerology change with each lifetime, your planetary origin remains the same through all of your lifetimes. There are some who have had numerous lives upon other planets after their origin is in place, and due to this may have what is called a secondary planetary origin. This does not change the primary planetary origin, but adds other aspects to the overall spiritual being.

2005 Update

How to use this information:

I have been doing planetary origin readings since 1993. Through the years I have ‘read’ thousands of people, in person, over the phone, or photos. One of the primary ‘tips’ I would offer to anyone reading through these pages would be that if you have memories of a certain planetary group, it is often of where you were last, before Earth. Not necessarily your planetary origin. Which is where you began. Some of us here have been travelers, and visited many planets during our spiritual history. This is one reason the info shared on the website is of personality characteristics. This makes it easier to identify ourselves, and often if you read through all the different ones and still aren’t sure, someone who knows you well may see it more clearly than you  It has been very rewarding and fascinating, watching myself and others, through all these years, learn to use this information about ourselves to aid in our growth and learning. When you read through the pages and descriptions of the planetary origin pages, feel with your heart and spirit. Not your mind and ego. That response will be the true and clear one.

Keep in mind that planetary origin is your spirit level beginning, the deepest who you are, since your spirit began developing. The most common problem with self reading, in lightworkers, is that of having a strong connection and knowing of work with a certain planetary group, such as the Pleiadeans, Arcturians, and Sirians, for example. Who have worked with these groups in their most recent “off earth life” and have developed close connections with these groups, and are very often currently working with these groups. This is more a ‘who you are becoming’ than a ‘who are you/where do you come from’ . Who you are now is a mixture of where you came from, what the past and present have brought out in you, and where you plan to go from here. Planetary origin is the basis of who we are, how did we get to be who we are and where are we now, and how we handle things that develop for us to learn from during this life. It’s a very deep level of self understanding, and is only meant to be used as a tool for learning and growing and moving on to whatever is next and best for you, on a personal level. It is never something that should be attached to so seriously that you don’t keep moving and growing  Use it as a step in self understanding, so that you can put it together with all the pieces of who you are, to become all that you can be, for your personal highest and best good.

Love and Blessings,

Jo Amidon

This information is excerpted from my book”Where Are You Really From?” copyright 1996 Jo Amidon with The Teachers of The Universal Mind.