October 15, 2017:  I still have openings in October. I am doing Planetary Origin and Personal Profile Readings. All readings are done in the order they are received.   I appreciate your patience  email me if you have questions. 


If you are interested in ordering a reading as a gift, order the regular way and send a photo of the person and their name. I will contact you with a date to expect the reading and email it to you when it is done or I can can email it to the person it is for.


                          Specialty Readings

       These are done via e-mail . 


  • Planetary origin reading: Email a photo or a link to one online if you have one posted somewhere.  I will email you back within 48 hours and let you know when to expect your Planetary Origin Reading back via email. The photo does not need to be new, or good. One that shows your eyes and does not involve you wearing sunglasses is preferred. (The eyes are the doorway to the spirit!) Use the paypal button below for 20 US dollars.




  • Personal ProfileFor those who would prefer a more in depth reading, or as gifts for friends and relatives. Send a photo of the person, $60.00 . The reading will be E-mailed to you.  This is a channeled reading and covers areas not commonly known about that are very useful in self understanding. It covers: 

  Planetary Origin and secondary if there is one

 Spirit tone color

Body type

Ego type

Learning Type

Brain Type

Growth Path

Spirit Point and an explanation of each of these. 

It concludes with a brief personal channeled message from The Teachers of The Universal Mind.  




If I have already done a Planetary Origin Reading for you and you would like to have a profile next, use the link below to order one for $40.00. (I will still have your Origin in my system from the original reading, just remind me. You may need to resend a photo, I will let you know.) 



Pet Reading: If you’d like either of the above readings done for a pet, just pick one and send your pet’s photo instead of yours, and if it’s a personal profile reading, a little info about your pet and what area you’d like me to focus on. The pet personal profile is a little different than the ‘human’ one above, but I have always loved doing work with our dear animal friends and have had requests recently to offer this again.