Do you feel life is a spiritual experience?

Do you believe in the power of positive energy?

Do you believe in the power of intention?

Are you learning to create your own reality?

Do you believe in following guidance?

Do you believe the most important thing is Unconditional Love?

Do you believe you are here for a reason?

Do you believe there is more to life than is obvious?

Do you long for ‘home’ even if you aren’t sure where that is? 


The power of unconditional love is the strongest force that exists. There are many many people on the planet who represent love and try to live it as best they can. These people may use different terminology and have different beliefs. These are like the different languages we speak, but the message is the same for many of us. Love is the most important thing, and the shared belief in the basic goodness in all of us, although it may be harder to see in some of us. It is through the love and caring and basic kindness toward one another that each of us can make a difference. All the things that seem to be small add up  


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